Research areas of the Joint Research Plaform Elfriede Jelinek, which are not documented in an independent publication, are published as a part of the JELINEK[JAHR]BUCH – the JELINEK ANNUAL.

Since 2010 the annuals of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre have been released in regular intervals (until 2013, yearly gaps, afterwards every other year). They are conceptualized as a forum for current debate, for analytical reflection, reminiscing and anticipation.

The topics of the annuals are a collection of past events. Besides projects of the Joint Research Platform, aspects and events, which are related to Jelinek’s works and which are at the centre of attention of the scientific and public community, like new works or first performances of her theatre plays. Regarding basic questions about the work of the author and subsequent topics are negotiated, like in the part called “Das Über-Setzen. Interkulturelle Dialoge” (“Trans-Lation. Intercultural Dialogues”) the international reception is discussed.

Furthermore, articles, reports of workgroups and discussions in workshops for the promotion of aspiring scholars and artists, which are organized by the Joint Research Platform Elfriede Jelinek in regular intervals, are documented in the JELINEK ANNUAL. The conclusion of the annual is the chronicle, in which central events around Jelinek, which have happened in the specific years, are documented.

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